The Store-Brand Advantage
Omeprazole ODT Dissolves Heartbun Tablet banner Dissolves Heartbun Tablet banner

The Store-Brand Advantage

Store-brand Omeprazole ODT is the only frequent heartburn medication available in an easy-to-take orally disintegrating tablet. Plus, store-brand Omeprazole ODT is just as effective as national brands like Prilosec®, and offered at a much lower price. With a wide range of retailers offering store-brand Omeprazole ODT, you can save big on over-the-counter heartburn relief where it’s most convenient for you.

Omeprazole vs. Prilosec OTC®

Dosage Quantity Average Base Price Comparison**
Omeprazole ODT Delayed Release Tablets 20mg/Acid Reducer Orally Disintegrating Tablets 42ct $21.03
Prilosec OTC® Tablet 42ct $27.09
**IRI FDMx Current 52 Weeks 2/12/2012

Omeprazole ODT is made available by Perrigo, to be sold under your favorite retailer’s Store Brand label. As an FDA approved product, Omeprazole ODT is proven to be safe and effective when taken as directed.

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